Microstructure profiler
Microstructure sensors
Winch for microstructure profiler
Accessories for microstructure measurements
Devolopment of measurements equipment

The competence of ISW is based on outstanding experience in microstructure investigation, measurement technology and data evaluation.

Curriculum vitae

More than 30 years active in oceanography, more than 25 years experience in microstructure investigations, development of microstructure measurement technology and data evaluation

More than 40 publications and 8 patent applications in the field of microstructure investigation and instrument development 

High speed data acquisition software
Microstructure data evaluation software
Microstructure/turbulence measurements
Microstructure data evaluation
Technical support for microstructure measurements 
Calibration, sensor test and maintenance service
Scientific consulting
Development of measuring technology

      We provide all you need for microstructure measurements and
      data evaluation (in co-operation with Sea&Sun Technology).